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Going back to the 90's is where it all began for me. I was still a schoolboy working part-time jobs to save enough money for my first set of Omnitronic Belt Driven turntables and mixer.
I'll never forget the day I burst open the boxes when I got them home and up to my room. The feeling I got when I had them set and playing my first vinyl has never left me.
So, here I am around again years later getting used to the digital side of mixing and I'll be honest, that feeling I got years ago has just become stronger. It's time to give my all.......... (^_^)

There will be plenty of live sets and if you missed any, VirtualDj Radio are good enough to have podcasts of every live set.

So go on, give it some volume here and see what you think.


I've always been a House ( most genres ), Electro, Big Room type of guy.
I also have an ear for some Trance and Hip-hop.
If it can be mixed, I'll definitely try it.

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