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DJ 2 L8 didn't start getting in the whole DJ lifestyle till '06 when he first Purchased Pioneer's CDJ's and mixer and from then he started on the mixing scale to get himself up to pro level. He later decided to move my skills to the digital world and purchased Virtual DJ in summer. Constantly working with program he decided to audition for the radio site in which he got accepted. Now an Admin of the Trance Group and one of the longest Trance Djs on the website. He strives on bringing you the latest in Trance and Progressive on Saturdays CH4 5PM GMT.

My music Influences are Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

I have made 3rd Top DJ of The Year 2008 Voted My the Listeners of the site and in 2009 I was voted 2nd Top DJ of the site followed by 2010 Voted 1st top DJ on channel 3. That is an honor to me and to be rated most popular DJ that is a real Achievement. Thanks to all!!

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Imagine you're on an Island under the sun lying by the beach with a hot lady by your side sipping on a nice cold mojito, when you hear a magical sound that when you close your eyes you want to fly away..You feel compelled to ask the DJ what is that style you are playing and I tell you its Trance and Progressive...

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