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Based in Montreal (Canada), DrFeelGood4 is a passionate DJ for almost four decades now but fairly new to virtual spinning.

Old school DJ from the early Disco era, he mastered his art the Hard way (Save some money to buy records, go to the record shop to get new hits to become, analyze the bpm and wright down the name of the song in a repertoire, find the best cue for each song, remember the break(s) to make the perfect mix, synchronize manualy, cue and drop the record on the beat manualy to do the mix and keep his finger on the record to be able to push or hold the record if it goes off beat, choose another song in the playlist, crawl through his vinyls to find this song, run back to put it on the deck before missing the break and so on.

Bottom line, in his humble opinion, old school spining will always lead to greater challenges and rewards technicaly wise.

FeelGood really ENJOY using his Virtual DJ software. He find it easy now to discover and mix new types of groovy beats.

What he love the most about vitual mixing is the fact that he can focus a 100% on his playlist and mixing performance.

It took him, around 100 hours to master the interface Hercule 4MX v8 and all the setting and the gadgets that comes with it. He find it "user friendly" and easy to work with. He love to remix early solid gold music and clash it with modern tempos using loops and instruments samplers.

He's having a ball spicing up his recording session with special FX's (flanger, dopler, echo...) and vocal and sound intro's.

MUSIC is the DOCTOR of YOUR SOUL....I guess that DrFeelGood4 having FUN!


Basicaly, anything that have a groovy beat ! House, Chill, Deep, Cosmicrarft, Subsoul, Jackin, Bassline, Tech, Electro, Funk, R&B and 70's to 90's Disco.

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