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Since he was a little kid, he started familiarizing with dance music. Mr. Ckish started his carrier as a DJ at the age of 13 when he began to mix in parties. He learned a lot about music when he was a whole year in Germany at the age of 15/16 and he improved and redefined his style. He came back to Mexico and started mixing in parties for free. Then he grew up and started working in bars all around Mexico City, and at the same time he got the opportunity to be a DJ on a Internet Radio (Virtual DJ Radio) and the chance to be part of the exclusive crew of internationals DJs of that radio. The next work he got, was in a Night Club, that Club were he was working, was on the Top 10 of Mexico City in that time when he was 18. Now he plays in lots of parties and he is trying to learn more and more from life. Actually he is producing his own music and doing some remixes and nowadays, he is trying to get more involved in the electronic scene...




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