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Long time DJ from ages ago when electro and hip hop were all the rage. Played a few live events but due t circumstances lost touch with the DJ circuit. After coming back to clubbing in the 90's and early 2000's I knew eventually I would get the itch again. The music is now fresh and kicking again and I just could not wait to get back into the mixing scene.

I now mix electronic dance music, house, oldskool and have some surprise genres in store so keep your ears peeled ;)

Love & peace.


I like a bit of controllerism. So if oyu hear me drop in the odd effects and samples here and there you'll know that's just the way I roll (loop roll that is).

I love 'quality' music of all genres but electronic dance music has always been close to my heart since way back when when Kraftwerk were around inspiring electronic musicians everywhere.

Now I am big on electro house, progressive, deep, trance, some dubstep and breakbeat (Hyrid etc).

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