DJ HappyGusto

8 years ago

The Happy Wednesday Show is a group of DJs from around the world that entertain listeners of with 100% LIVE Music Mixes. The HWS was founded on the year of 2012 by Three DJs of Canada (HappyGusto, Ariel M aka DJ Ariel and DevineDJ). In the same year, the group began to grow with the addition of DJ Corsi (USA) and DJ Lolo (France). These team performed great music mixes throughout the year but, because of growing listeners, continued support and to accommodate listeners with different timezone, the team decided to recruit more talented DJs. In the following years DJ Leo (USA), DJ Crusher (Canada), DJ Matrix (USA), DJ Magic (USA), DJ Gil (France), DJ Makoby (Germany) and DJ KimAntony(Luxembourg) became members of the The Happy Wednesday Show. From then on, The Happy Wednesday Show team continues to give LIVE music entertainment to listeners and will continue to grow as years passed by.

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