4 weeks ago

If any djs need referrals to legit sources of their tracks feel free to reach out. Myself, and many others here at can happily share links and info. It really reflects poorly on the entire line of djs playing here when your playing a set and something (just an example) such as "visit for this track list" comes flooding in OVER THE VOCALS OF YOUR SET, NO DOUBT. It is part of being a broadcast dj, paid or not, to get your tracks in a responsible manner that ensures the wonderful artists are compensated (so they have reason to want to continue to bring us beautful music in the future) YouTube rips are classless and unacceptable and give a black eye to every fellow dj you share the network with. Please consider this or consider your financial ability to responsibly play music for an international audience on a network such as vdjradio. **this message is entirely from me with no endorsement from the staff at virtual dj radio - other, integrity bearing fellow djs do however, support this message and have expressed such.

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