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Playing upbeat and feel good sounds to listeners is what matters, the weekend feeling with a continued beat throughout.
Commercial free 100% LIVE with live shouts to listeners heard worldwide.

I used to DJ in clubs from 1987 till 1991, I've always enjoyed being a DJ and although i stopped doing nightclubs i've dabbled with decks ever since until 2000 and hmmmm when i purchased Virtual dj.
Virtual DJ gave me a new hope as i didn't have to purchase all my music on vinyl that was on my pc, i could use virtual DJ with Decks :D
Then, in 2012, i bought my Pioneer DDJ ERGO and WoW... Awesome!!
The functionality yet still the control is great and so now, I have joined in on VirtualDJ Radio.

Check the schedule and Keep it Locked !!


Feel Good House and Dance


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