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AS a youth DJ Skorpion King would work in a kithen at a local bar restaurant which would have Disc Jockeys in to entertain the masses at the bar . He befriended one and soon he was apprenticing. One night the equipment was there but the disc jockey fell "ill" aka DRUNK. The owner and bartender wondered what to do. Then a young voice said "I know how to do that". They looked surprised and said GO FOR IT KID. It turned to be the best night they had. DJ Skorpion King was born he had his first residency of many. Flash forward after 30 years he has arrived here at the mothership VIRTUAL DJ RADIO. Blending old skool treats with house beats, His style has entertained many. Now he brings his mix to the WORLD


Old skool treats mixed with house beats, is a way of life. I am always looking for new ways of creating party favorites.


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