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Stamina: 1533 total DJ mixes

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"mashup/mixshow" dj by passion.
Resident dj "VirtualDJ Radio" - With a focus on the "flagship" channel "Clubzone" beginning early on with the "UP past your bedtime live" series of mixshows. The UPYB shows are still a regular occurence, with approx. 300!+ episodes performed live to date. other noteable performances include "afterhours clubbin' USA," "ELECTRIC SUNRISE," & most recently " club lovey dubs." All the mentioned CLUBZONE series of shows increase the unique listener count EVERY time a show goes live.

Beimg a flexible dj, Hudson Alexander also spends a good deal of time droppin relevant, edgy, & even what some may call "controversial gang bangin'" musical mix and mashup shows on virtualdj radio's 'urban/street music' -focused channel "THE GRIND."- Other listener attractions include the "Mashing the Grind" shows, as well as the "Open Format Feelgood" shows, which are performed typically on Friday mornings in the early AM hours.

Quickly approaching 1500 logged on-air performances, Anyone who has been a longtime dedicated listener can clearly see that the performances have morphed into an ever improving display of skill, with no ceiling in site !!


voiceovers & IDS are:
male "dj Huuudson Alexander.." etc: "the wigman"
sexy af female "You are now listening to" etc: Jasmine W.
introduction, time/date, invitation to request:
Hudson Alexander live in studio.

I DJ as a hobby, EDM is a passion.
Would I do it for a Living? Of Course..
Do I actively pursue it from that angle? Of course not.

--Past or Passed? (ie: "Up PAST Your Bedtime... with [dj] Hudson Alexander..") --
This can be confusing sometimes.. The easiest way to figure out which is proper is
with the "subsitute with WENT PAST" technique, like this:
"He passed the stop." Makes sense!
"He went past the stop." Also makes sense..... so PASSED IS CORRECT.
"He skipped passed the stop." Does NOT make sense.
"He skipped went past the stop." Does NOT Make sense... so PAST IS CORRECT.
So, incase you ever pondered the grammar of "up PAST your bedtime.." now ya know.


mixing and [live]remixing the hits, mashup dj.
specializing in harmonic blends with pounding, visceral basslines.


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