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mashup/mixshow" dj. Resident dj "VirtualDJ Radio."

"Music is.. wow.. so many things to me. Definitely a passion. At times just about, literally, all I had. Regardless of life circumstances, state of mind, or any other variables, I've never stopped mixing music. I saw a poster that read 'Dear Music, Thank You For Being There, even when nobody else was!' ... That's one of 'realest' statements I've ever seen displayed..."

Lately I've found myself gravitating to the mashup & Live Remix -based performances. Becoming quite the 'mashup junky' I'd say, lol, Mixing music is therapeutic to me and it seems, lately anyhow, that my mashup mix sets give me a greater sense of satisfaction.

-I am located just south of Nashville, TN. If your looking for a dj for your party (a dj that does more than fire-off "album edit" tracks in single-file order -boring!-) get in touch with me! I mix ALL genres. WILL TRAVEL with proper accomodations.-

I fell in love with electronic dance music sometime in 1998/1999. I was introduced to the genre via artists such as "The Future Sound of London," "Astral Projection," "Paul Oakenfold," and of course "Daft Punk." (Just to name a few!)

My love of "mixshows" goes back quite a bit further. I literally wore out cassette tape copies of "Club MTV Party to Go Vol. 1" and "MTV Party to Go Vol. 2" It was my first exposure to scratching vinyl records and beat matching music, and it was like magic to my young ears. I admired the producers & dj's of the remixes I heard on mix compilations.

Some of my very first 'favorite' remixers included "Hex Hector," "Thunderpuss," "Lenny B.," "Scumfrog," and "The Riddler." Some of my favorite mix set compilations included "Ultra.Dance," "Ultra Trance," Ministry of Sound's "The Annual" series, and the Happy Boy's "Dance Like Its .." series.

I pride myself in being flexible with nearly every music genre. One of my earliest mix dj influences, Ron Slomowicz, set the standards to which I often revisit as a means of quality and professionalism assurance. Taking care with regards to track selections, and maintaining the ability to accept listener requests with confidence and ability to work them into the presentation in not only a timely fashion, but in a way that sounds as if they had been in the set list all along.

Another major influence was my friend Patrick "Neuro[counterculture]" Manning. True veteran trance dj and, in my opinion, an absolute "master of his craft." I thoroughly enjoyed the countless hours spent jammin' to his live mix sets, paying attention to his 'form' while behind the decks, and tons of incredible conversations in which we discussed electronic music and the art of dj'ing.

I spent hundreds of hours mixing and remixing tracks, old and new, to become fluent "mixing in key." Once comfortable mixing in key, I haven't looked back! My advice to any new or upcoming dj's would be to take the time to learn that aspect of the music in order to realize the higher potential in your craft.

I DJ as a hobby, EDM is a passion.
Would I do it for a Living? Of Course..
Do I actively pursue it from that angle? Of course not.

Music has saved my life multiple times, no doubt about that.
... Continuing to do what I do, all while you are asleep. ...

Nice collection of my mix recordings:
"I ❤ Remixes and Mashups that DONT include DJ Name Drops."


mixing and [live]remixing the hits, mashup dj.
specializing in harmonic blends with pounding, visceral basslines.


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