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Hello! Thanks for checking out my DJ page.
I am dj Hudson Alexander, a mashup/mixshow dj.

I pride myself in being flexible with nearly every music genre. One of my earliest mix dj influences, Ron Slomowicz, set the standards to which I often revisit as a means of quality and professionalism assurance. Taking care with regards to track selections, and maintaining the ability to accept listener requests with confidence and ability to work them into the presentation in not only a timely fashion, but in a way that sounds as if they had been in the set list all along.

I spent hundreds of hours mixing and remixing tracks, old and new, to become fluent "mixing in key." Once comfortable mixing in key, I haven't looked back! My advice to any new or upcoming dj's would be to take the time to learn that aspect of the music in order to realize the higher potential in your craft.

I DJ as a hobby, EDM is a passion.
Would I do it for a living? Of course.
Do I actively pursue it from that angle? Of course not.

Music has saved my life, there is no doubt about that. continuing to maintain and do what I do, while you are sleeping.
Nice collection of my mix recordings: http://hearthis.AT/theclub


mixing and remixing the hits, mashup dj.


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