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Stamina: 146 total DJ mixes

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DJ / Beginning producer and sound engineer. I started out trying to be a DJ like 20 years ago...i learned the basics on vinyl, but at the time a hobby like that was way to expensive. Flash forward 20 years. Money isn't an issue nor is the time... the issue is, playing other peoples music. so i started teaching myself music theory, then rhythm theory. Once i got a basic grasp on it, the piano all of the sudden made sense to me. One thing led to another... I run virtual Dj Infinity Pro. Ableton Live 9 suit, Cycling '74 max 7 pro, and MPC Studio for production, mastering and mixing. I use a Numark mix track pro, Hercules instinct, Akai APC key 25 clip launcher, Akai MPC studio black, Elektron SIDSTATION, and a BM-800 Mic attached to a XENON 802 mixer.


i guess i dont really have a style. i kind of just spin what my mood is. yes...i tend to be angry alot

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