DJ Emergency

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DJ Emergency (real name Joshua David Hale) is the next commercial entertainer. This artist/dj has more talent than most other people today and is expanding with his solo album entitled “Auto-Tune & Synths”. Why Emergency? What makes him so different? Well put it this way… What musical freak can rap, sing, DJ, write, engineer, mix and master his own tracks? Not many at all. Another thing that makes him different is his sound. What kind of producer/artist can actually make rhythm and blues, hip hop, pop, soul, dirty south, and club work together in one track? Emergency can do it and there is no stopping him. Joshua doesn’t have many haters, but when he gets them here and there he claims “Haters are my best friends. If they waste time and effort trying to put me down then they love what I got.” Other quotes he states are “Work for what you want, you can’t cheat your way through life.” “Giving up on something is life changing, but to keep your head high it"


Kpop, Apop, Jpop, Electro, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep,


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