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Hey there 😉

Thank you very much for check out my Virtual DJ Radio Profile.
My Name is Marco and I was born 1980 in Germany - Saxony. My first experiences with djing I got with 20, well I was young and did need the Money^^ But at this time wasn't Music Mixing my passion, I did it bored and half-hearted...

The passion about music mixing I got many time later after I didn't have to earn money with it.
Now is spinning of Music a hobby and a passion of me because I can play this songs I want and I love it to find out new possibilities with new music.

The whole thing around Music Mix and djing got in the last years a big part of my interest and time.
It's also a hobby of me to prepare Mix-Set Covers, Banners and Posters for upcoming events.

In my opinion is mixing a kind of art and it's for me always a big pleasure to listen different mix Artists and their styles and tastes 🙌

I'm now here as step forward and I hope I can be an enrichment for VirtualDJ Radio and I looking forward to made good Music and find some new friends with the same interests 😎


Festival Sounds // Big Room // Future House // Electro House // Progressive House
sometimes Dream and Fantasy Trance and for my bad moments Darkstep


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