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704Dj's was found by Mr H D over 20yrs, Mr H D use dj's in the city to market new releases as well as new artist.Soon the idea became part of the hottest local radio station which use the 704djs as power 98 street(@ during that time 704djs was known as mixtape squad)became the talk of the town 704dj's had all the hottest club Dj's and had promotion deal with major label to break records and market there new artist. 704djs never got big, it stay at the same level till this day 10 of the hottest dj's and 5 team marketer who just promo the brand of the 704djs. 704djs has move in to the international market with some help from well known mixtape award winners from alll over the USA. Some of the 704djs are SEA award winner S I M A winner for breaking the most new records,704djs has set stander in the music and entertainment game,Till this day the founding member of the 704dj's D.J.T. & Dj Sodammtuff have made major move in making the 704dj's a biz-ness instead of a crew or coalitionist ,


704djs music selection is hip hop,r&b , rasta , reggae, house ,juke, dirty south , gogo, beat & drum , top 40 , techno, techno bass , remixes ,


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Hot 107.9 is the FCC station that gave rebirth to 704djs after the name | |
Beat 94.7 is the FCC station that sold half of the station owner ship to them which made them the 1st group of Dj's to own a legal FCC station | |
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